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Anybody on here done the Great Divide?. I didn't have any hand numbness/ wrist pain from the roughness, which I put largely to the loop bars.

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For too long, I've driven hours to get to the gravel events that turn me on. The gear you carry on Tour Divide can make or break the ride.. I would take this same pad on nearly any bikepacking adventure.. It was on a particularly chilly morning, 36-degrees Fahrenheit and raining, that I noticed that my.

It has taken a REALLY long time for the pain level to come down. I optimistically thought 2018 would be the year to try the Tour Divide again, but I’ve gained a lot of weight and there’s no way I’ll be able to lose it and train for the Divide (not to mention getting through some unexpected expenses).

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Last weekend, my wife and I spent several days bikepacking. 16 days and two hours. It’s a hell of a feat, and we hope to interview him next week-after he’s gotten some sleep. On our weekend tour, I.

Then, repeat.for 14 days, 11 hours. bikepacking rides as training rides? How many do you take on each year? The Smoke’n Fire is a super fun event! Excellent scenery and awesome trail sections. My.

JASPER (Tour Divide Max) You can take a Greyhound bus from Calgary to Jasper but be warned it first goes to Edmonton (It may be better to fly into there). The ride takes over nine hours.

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