Colorado deputy drove through the “bomb cyclone” to help save a newborn’s life.

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A bomb cyclone is a meteorological phenomenon that describes a storm with plummeting atmospheric pressure. Already Wednesday, the storm has produced a 78-mph wind gust in Dallas and set an unofficial record for lowest pressure ever measured in Pueblo, Colorado, at 975 millibars.

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The small Nebraska hospital where Edwin Fischer was delivered did not have the life-saving medicine that he needed.. colorado deputy drove through the ‘bomb cyclone’ to help a newborn.

The colorado national guard has been activated to assist with "search, rescue and life safety operations," primarily to rescue stranded motorists, the Colorado Department of Emergency Read more about the bomb cyclone Share your feedback to help improve our site experience!

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Colorado deputy drove through the bomb cyclone’ to help a newborn . We LOVE a happy ending. Your Cheyenne County Deputy and the Sidney PD Officer on this call are genuine heroes along with this Logan County, Colorado Deputy. They risked their lives to save his. They weren’t the only ones who helped though.

Hundreds of stranded travelers looked to the American Red Cross for help Wednesday after the powerful bomb cyclone moving across the country caused blizzard conditions which closed major highways in several western states.

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