Maine Senate moves to award electoral votes to popular vote winner

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Maine’s Senate approved a bill Tuesday to join 14 other states and Washington, D.C., in the National Popular Vote compact.. That agreement aims to change the way states award their electoral votes.

In 48 states as well as the District of Columbia, the candidate who receives the most votes during the election receives all of that state’s electoral votes. In Maine and Nebraska, they forgo the winner-take-all approach and distribute electoral votes among candidates, factoring in their state’s popular vote numbers.

 · These states allocate their electoral votes by congressional district. In other words, instead of distributing all of its electoral votes to the candidate who wins the statewide popular vote, Nebraska and Maine awards an electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district. The winner of the statewide vote gets two additional electoral votes.

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The 76-66 vote against the measure comes two weeks after the state Senate agreed to add Maine to a growing number of states aiming to elect presidents by popular vote. The senate voted 19-16 to have Maine join an interstate compact in which participating states agree to award their Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes nationwide.

While 48 states and the District of Columbia award all their electoral votes to the statewide popular vote winner. Obama’s convincing win. Winner-take-all casts a pall over elections at all levels..

The Electoral College, a slavery-era artifact that allows candidates to. Passage would require a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate. To date, every New England state save Maine and New Hampshire has. the winner of the popular vote would give candidates an incentive to compete in every state.

16% favored "a system where all the electoral votes in a given state are awarded to whoever gets the most popular votes in that state" — the winner-take-all method currently used by 48 states and used in Maine to award 2 of its 4 electoral votes

-House selects the top three presidential candidates and each state gets one vote. -D.C. is not included in this vote. -The winner must get at least 26 of the votes. -The Senate selects from the top two vice presidential candidates and each senator gets one vote.

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