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He was attending the AGU meeting as the co-author of 4 papers concerning dynamic modeling of the Earth’s mantle. However, none of his papers gave even a hint of applicability to a creationist paradigm.

A 10-foot rotating model of a human gene and what Raelians claim to be an exact replica of a flying saucer seen by their leader Rael, stand beside a hanging portrait of Jesus inside a room at UFO.

Best Answer: Maitreya Rael is our living,last Prophet who has been given messages from our creators the Elohim relevent to todays world containing the truth of our origins and guidance into the Golden Age along with the answers to everything we have ever seeked and questioned. These writings can be found at www.rael.org

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United Kingdom, field a few days ago depicts an ancient symbol of peace and good will rather than anything to do with twentieth century thugs, according to a statement released today by the.

By Charlie Jane Anders Meet the Raelians: Inside the World’s Strangest – and Nicest – UFO Sex Clone Religion The International Raelian Movement might be the world’s most science-fictional religion – at the very least, they’re up there with Scientology. Their founder claims he met the aliens who created the human race, and their main.

The International Raelian Movement (IRM) had organized the worldwide celebration of the swastika for June 27 after Rael, the IRM’s founder and spiritual leader, called for the rehabilitation of this sacred and ancient symbol that forms part of the Raelian emblem.

The First Sunday of April is the happiest and most merry date in the Raelian Movement for 2 reasons. Yes, it’s a double celebration!! Yes, it’s a DOUBLE celebration!! First, it’s one of the 4 official days on which you can publicly recognize the Elohim as your creator by Transmitting your Cellular Plan to them .