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Inspect. is preventative maintenance? Without it, your home could easily lose 10% to 12% of its appraised value. Researchers suggest that regular maintenance increases the value of a house by about.

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Home Maintenance. At Inspect-It 1st, we not only want to help you buy or sell your home, but also help you maintain its value and comfort for years to come. regular preventative maintenance is the best way to help stop major problems from ever occurring!

Keep these preventative maintenance tips in mind: Make sure your hinges are in working condition and properly lubricated. Confirm the chain lock is firmly secured to the door and wall. Ensure the door sweeps are not broken or worn out. Inspect the weather stripping to make sure it’s in working order.

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In addition to checking windows and doors, be sure to inspect the areas where: As a general rule, caulk where a permanent seal is desired, and weather-strip when doors and windows must be opened.

Direct Energy reminds home- and business-owners to select their candle locations. Stay away from downed power lines: These can be "live" and quite dangerous. Contact your local utility to report.